Nicki (whatsapickletou) wrote in cooper_kids,

A last Goodbye....

We Love you Alla.
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we do?

i don't know who you are, but unless you didn't know Alla, that was a really horrible comment you made. She was loved by a lot of people at Cooper, including myself, and you'd do good to show some respect to her and your peers.
yeah, didn't know her. guess i'm out of the loop.
might try another way of asking for respect, if you expect it.
so sad..I didnt know her but still any lost is a lost and a few of my friends new her so thats so horriable
yea, i dident know her eather. but like you said, a few of my friends did......
Yes, Alla will be missed very dearly. I will miss her myself sooo much. She was an awesome person and she will always be. It's nice of some of you to show respect for her even if you didn't know her that well. :)
I'm not from Cooper, but my bf is, or was---may I ask what happened to this Alla person?
well, looking back and seeing as noone has filled you in, i feel i should say. it feels a bit odd saying it so bluntly, but she hung by her neck (self infliction)